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First Aid Training – how it helps!

I did my three day first aid course with Sebastian, I learnt many things I did not know and also refreshed the things I did. The presentation was clear,informative and easy to follow.

I learnt an important feature from the training, which was learning the difference between a heart attack and a stroke which lead me to remember key facts about how to respond.  

Another key fact learnt was the use of a defibrillator, which has now been explained to me and I feel confident in using it.

At the end of the training course, we was presented with a very informative and amazing booklet which we can use to touch up on facts. 

This training became life saving for myself as a week later, I came home from work and was sitting down watching TV, when I started feeling unlike my usual self, my left side of my face had dropped. I experienced pain down the left side of my neck and that went down my arm. This then made me think of the facts learnt in the first aid course of stroke symptoms with F.A.S.T. I was then able to acknowledge that I needed to get to hospital as I was experiencing many of these symptoms. I was then admitted to hospital for a suspected stroke. I had to have a MRI scan which concluded that I did not have any lasting damage to my brain. I am now recovering and on medication to keep my blood thin and using statins. 

I am forever grateful to Sebastian for giving me the first aid course which helped me understand first aid in a simple yet rememberable way. 

Kindest regards,

Lorraine Frost. 


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