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First Aid at Work course – Riding Centre for Disabled – Taunton – October 2018

Support and understanding with hearing impairment, glad of assistance with a rare nosebleed!

Excellent – thank you!

Fantastic teacher – very helpful during practicals.

Excellent all round.  Continual assessment worked really well and I enjoyed the simulated emergency situations!

Paediatric Blended Course – Norton Fitzwarren – October 2018

Email received following the course:

Hi Christine

Just wanted to say thank you for running the course on Saturday, all of the girls have fed back on how good it was. They have mentioned how informative it was, their preference for the style of course and also the lovely atmosphere, which made all feel comfortable to learn, practice and ask questions, such a difference to some of the experiences they have had. We will definitely be in contact for more courses.

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EFAW – Street – September 2018

Tutor was fantastic.

This was extremely useful I have never done first aid training before

Excellent input from Chris, I felt relaxed and learnt so much

FAW – Barnstaple – September 2018

Very well run course, excellent tutor, great knowledge

Excellent tutor with great knowledge, great practical examples

Excellent! – Well run, super organisation, very informative, reflective!

EFAW – Taunton – July 2018

Really nice training day, very easy to understand and very helpful

Good course, well taught and relaxed.  Well presented with both theory and practical

Really nice, friendly atmospher, made me feel very comfortable which made it easier to learn

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Bristol – July 2018

Course was really fun and a good refresher

Chris very knowlegable – able to answer questions outside of the set course

Chris is an excellent teacher putting the course across in the best way possible

Paediatric First Aid – Bristol – June 2018

Brilliant teaching, feel more comfortable if first aid was required

Really happy with the course, lots of useful information give. Plenty of explanation and demonstrations.

Great! Really informative course!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Bristol – April 2018

Very well taught and was able to keep everyone’s attention by both discussion and hands on practice

On line learning was very informative

Good mix of hands on practical and informative parts with discussions

Chris was funny and kept my attention

On line part was easy to use and great as a refresher

Emergency Paediatric First Aid – Street – March 2018

Course has made me more confident in dealing with any incidents which may occur in our setting

Excellent course teacher, lovely atmosphere and good explanation of content

A great day and good humour!

First Aid at Work – Street – March 2018

Very well taught class where I felt engaged and relaxed

Brilliant course – I really enjoyed it, the practical scenarios were really helpful!

Really well taught, all of us had plenty of chances to get stuck in and carry out practices

Paediatric – Street – March 2018

Excellent informative course, found it very interesting!

Loved the role play.

Loved the ‘special effects’ stuff! Will definitely help me remember how to deal with some situations.

Very knowledgable tutor and a very friendly course!

FAW – Wellington – January 2018

Great 3 daysR!

Lots of information – breaks helped 🙂 Thanks

Tutor was amazing!

A well experienced trainer!

EFAW – Yeovil – January 2018

Good split between talking, clips, hands on and discussion

Thank you Chris, an informative and enjoyable day

Calm, professional teaching

Excellent subject knowledge

Very helpful and great knowledge! 

Much more confident if this happens in life!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Twyford – January 2018

Chris is the best First Aid trainer I’ve ever used!

The course is well honed, experience shows through.

Very good, very relaxed, fun at times and very well taught.

Very informative and educational

Informative and excellent!

The on line part of the course was excellent, it really prepared you for the practical!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Wellington – January 2018

The course was informative, well structured and very useful

It was useful to have on line learning on top of the face to face learning

This was very helpful course and the tutor was helpful in answering any questions

The on line part made it much easier and saved time

Lots of knowledge, very hands on, friendly


EFAW – SCIL – Taunton – November 2017

Brilliant delivery!

Excellent training, walked away feeling very confident

Brilliant, great teacher!

Really good training, trainer was excellent!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Street – November 2017

Fab course!  Really clear, easy to use, loved the audio as well as written and videos.

Excellent, thanks!

I enjoyed the on-line part as was able to spend more time on areas more relevant to my children.

On line was easy to use and good as it saves progress each time.

Very knowledgeable tutor and good examples of real life situations

Great course, very informative, has really boosted my first aid confidence

EFAW – SCIL – Taunton – October 2017

All great.  Took away fear of using Defib – learnt a lot!

The best first aid course I’ve ever attended!

EFAW -Riding Centre for Disabled – Taunton – October 2017

Course was invaluable

Good, clear information at appropriate level

Managing Medications – Nursery – Taunton – September 2017

Loved it! Lots of knowledge, very factual and interesting

Very interesting, makes me want to go to medical school!

Very passionate and knowledgeable teacher

Really interesting!  Sebastian was very passionate and his knowledge is awesome!

First Aid at Work – Flip Out – Wellington – September 2017

I enjoyed this course very much.  Chris was brilliant, very patient and considerate.

Chris was an excellent teacher!  Extremely knowledgeable, clear, concise instructions.

Friendly.  Everything was well explained.  Would definitely recommend

Chris has been the best tutor I have ever had in First Aid.  Her knowledge is phenomenal and her realistic props really helped with practice.

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years – Blended Learning – Bristol – September 2017

Excellent in depth knowledge of tutor, very informative approachable tutor

On line course was easy to access and informative

Sebastian is brilliant as always and enthusiastic, very thorough and interesting

On line course was very good

Excellent tutor, made it fun whilst ensuring we learnt loads

Emergency First Aid at Work – Bristol – September 2017

Very well delivered – tutor is great!

Lots of real life experiences – really informative and kept us involved!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Street – September 2017

A great course excellently delivered.

Great theory to practical ratio. Content was helpful and well thought out, thank you, enjoyed it a lot!

Fantastic course – great use of practical!

Best First Aid course I have been on!

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years – Tiverton – September 2017

Amazing, would highly recommend!

Good, clear explanations, friendly atmosphere and extremely informative, thank you.

Emergency First Aid at Work – School – Street – September 2017

Really impressed and have learnt a lot!

This is the best EFAW course I’ve been on and have been on many – thank you!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Racing stables – Dulverton – August 2017

Very enjoyable day, learnt loads!

Fantastic for team building!

Excellent day, great fun, happy to recommend!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Street – July 2017

Tutor was extremely knowledgeable and able to put things into context in an appropriate manner

Great course! Thank you, I have learnt loads!

Paediatric Blended – Wellington – July 2017

Really good, preferred being able to do part on line as this was better for me time wise and to refresh my knowledge

I was given enough time to learn what I needed with enough practical tools to help!

Paediatric – Bristol – July 2017

Very well taught! Got a good understanding of everything!

Good to receive a book to keep as well after the course had finished.

Really informative and enjoyable – thank you!

Teacher was very knowledgeable and made us all aware of how important first aid is

Paediatric – Bristol – May 2017

Amazing course!

Tutor was very helpful and made sure I understood everything before moving on.

Tutor was extremely friendly and gave in depth information to help understand more.

Tutor is an excellent teacher, I felt grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

Paediatric – Bristol – April 2017

Brilliant as ever!

Great tutor knowledge and was able to deliver in a way that was educational but fun, many thanks!

Anaphylaxis and use of Auto-Injector – Bristol – March 2017

A really good course, feel confident in administering an Epi Pen & good refresher for CPR

Good information given on the subject

Very informative

Very beneficial course, learned a lot regarding anaphylaxis

Lots of useful information, examples of forms etc.

Paediatric – Devon – March 2017

I really enjoyed all the practical aspects of the first aid training and the group discussions worked well tto

Really enjoyable, feeling confident!

Felt I learned a lot from the training!

EFAW – Somerset- March 2017


Learnt loads!

Loved using the AEDs

Feel so much more confident – learnt a lot – great course, thanks!

Paediatric – Somerset – March 2017

Excellent as always, thank you!

Practice, discussion and open questions really helped process of understanding

Good opportunities to ‘have a go’ ourselves

The course was really helpful and covered all first aid for my setting

Jen and Chris were amazing, had a great time on this course

A brilliant course!

Really good course with clear instruction and Chris was lovely

Enjoyed the course and felt at ease which I haven’t always on previous courses

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