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Customer Comments

Emergency First Aid at Work – Nursery – Bristol – March 2023

Fab as always, very informative, thank you!

Great trainer as always, good to get real life situations and experience

Seb was a great instructor today, knowledgable and very enjoyable course

Very informative and made easy to understand

Approachable, friendly tutor

Amazing as alway with Seb! An interesting and enjoyable course

Seb was excellent as always, very knowledgable and helpful

Enjoyed the course and have come away feeling more confident. It’s great to recieve a training course from such a knowledgable individual

Administration of Medications in Early Years Settings – Nursery – Paignton – March 2023

Very knowledgable, I learnt a lot about medicines

Always brilliant and informative – very relevant to job role

Sebastian was amazing, very informative and helpful, thank you!

Excellent course, Sebastian is always amazing and lots of wonderful information

Sebastian was brilliant! The course was made genuinely interesting, the passion was clear

We love training with Sebastian, always very informative and good to freshen up on knowledge

Emergency Paediatric First Aid- Equestrian Centre – Taunton – February 2023

Really enjoyed this course. The teacher was excellent, so informative and I have learnt so much

Very knowledgable instructor, very approachable, not boring, kept me interested

Very worthwhile course, really enjoyed!

Lovely relaxed training and easy to ask questions without feeling silly

Brilliant delivery of the course!

Brilliant tutor, very engaging!

Paediatric First Aid 2 day -Nursery -Bristol – February 2023

I thought the course was fantastic. Sebastian was very thorough, explained everything very well. I have learnt a lot.

Seb explained and showed us all the different techniques in a lot of detail

Seb explained it very well and was very helpful when demonstrating CPR as I struggled a bit

Really interactive, using real life experiences, giving additional information to support learning

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Childminders – Wells – January 2023

Claire was great, made the course very enjoyable

Thanks Claire, a good and informative day

Another great training session, thank you

Easy to follow and well explained

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Bristol – January 2023

I have enjoyed this course and found it interesting and will take it all away with me

Seb is the best trainer in the world!


The course was very good and helpful, I learnt a lot and very happy

Interesting course, tutor gave time for questions to be ansered and helped when needed, good knowledge!

Very informative, feel information beyond what was necessarily needed but kept interest

Online course was easy to follow and complete

Emergency First Aid at Work – Nursery – Wellington – January 2023

We always enjoy Chris’s courses!

Very professional and informative, thank you!

All questions answered as we went and lots of opporunity to ask more

The e-learning was all relevant, quick which allowed us able to be hands on and moving in the practical.

I found this course very useful and I have learnt a lot

Very useful course, easy to follow and understand

Administration of Medication in Early Years Settings – Nursery- Bristol – November 2022

Excellent knowledge and discussion opportunities, very informative!

I really enjoyed todays training, I learnt a lot. the content was really interesting and the tutor delivered it in a relaxed and easy environment to learn

Very knowledgable about the topic, learnt lots of information

A very good, interesting course. Sebastian was great as usual, full of information, happy to help and take questions. I feel I have learnt a lot, thank you!

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years- Nursery Bristol November 2022

Very engaging course and was taught in a way to remember everything

Sebastian has made it enjoyable and quite easy to understand. He has a lot knowledge and makes sure to get you involved.

Very interactive and engaging

Very funny tutor, I found it very useful and understanding

Sebastian has really good knowledge, he made the course fun and interactive

The course was really good. It was engaging and there was good opportunity to practice as well

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years- Nursery – Bridgwater – October 2022

Great mix of practical and theory

I really enjoyed this course and feel I have learnt a lot, really useful!

Very good, in depth knowledge, answered questions and hands on!

This is the first First Aid course where I have been taught in such depth

Understanding Autism – Nursery – Taunton October 2022

Thankyou, it has helped me understand more, it was very interesting

Good refresher and learned things I had forgotten or not considered

I learnt a lot about sensory sensitivity

Enjoyed the opportunity to work in teams and brainstorm

Really good, thanks!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Fencing Contractors – Exeter- September 2022

Very interesting and insightful course.

Lots of useful information

It was interesting, very informative

Emergency Paediatric First Aid – School – Wells – September 2022

Brilliant course and great instructor, very informative and relaxed

Content presented in a very clear and informative way

An enjoyable and informative course, very practical to help with putting the skills into practice

Tutor was excellent, keen to involve all participants, very knowledgable and easy to talk to

Good amount of balance between theory and practice

Great course! Good balance of listening, discussion and hands on, thank you!

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years- Nursery – Bridgwater – September 2022

Fantastic teacher, much prefer blended learning

Really informative and well set out day

Knowledgable tutor and really good useful props

Knowledge of turor was very good, made me relaxed and enjoyed learning

Claire was excellent and easy to approach when needed

Very informative, not rushed and a lovely, friendly and helfpul teacher

Claire is a lovely teacher, helpful and friendly. Made sure we were happy and understood everything

Emergency First Aid at Work – Dementia Centre -Wellington – August 2022

Chris was excellent, very knowledgable and friendly

Brilliant course! Easy to learn even though very hot. Very knowledgeable

The course covered everything needed in a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of hands on and knowledge

Very well informed, great practical skills

Excellent training – very valuable for my work, thank you!

Really enjoyed all aspects of the course

Well taught and informative, right level for group. Approriate group participation

Emergency First Aid at Work – Nursery -Bristol – August 2022

Love courses with Seb, always lots of advice and information

Seb is a genius!

As always, Sebastian is a great teacher who always makes it interesting and fun

Easy to understand, good balance of practical and theory

Very informative and bringing it into reality as well as providing videos to confirm knowledge

Good teacher, knows how to keep it interesting and fun

Was really good. Teacher made the course interesting and fun

Amazing and very informative as usual

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Torquay – July 2022

Seb was so informative and answered all questions in detail, could tell he enjoys and gave us that enthusiasm

Tutor was amazing and I loved he wasnt just using powerpoint but was talking about real cases and his experience

Seb was very knowledgable, he made it fun and easy to learn

Seb is a brilliant teacher, very helpful and knowledgable, thank you!

Was delivered in a way where the information was easy to take in and retain and good practical participation

Full of knowledge and like how it relates to real life situations

Really enjoyed, learnt a lot, feeling more confident already

Amazing, can’t fault Seb, teaching more than need to know, very funny, making the course enjoyable

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – July 2022

Our tutor has really good knowledge and was really helfpul when answering questions

Course was great, very informative and interactive, thanks!

Seb always makes our first aid courses interesting, relative and engaging

Enjoyed session as made fun to understand so its not boring

Great course and very in depth

Good informative teaching. Good to have online course first so only have to have one day in person

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Norton Fitzwarren – June 2022

Really good, kept us interested in first aid, lots of real stories to help, lots of hands on

Very good lots of knowledge. Very easy to understand making it fun!

Great course, addressed real life and answered questions, thank you!

Excellent course, very informative tutor who explained senarios with reality. Lots of information learnt.

Brilliant and easy to understand! Very informative and relevant to real life.

Great tutor, very informative and helful. Provided a fun and relaxed environment.

Sebastian has a wealth of knowledge relating to the real life situations and the on line part was very interesting

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – May 2022

Very informative and in depth whilst still relaxed and engaging

Very enjoyable and I gained lots of new knowledge that I haven’t on previous courses! Very upbeat and interactive making it memorable.

The on line learning was easy to understand and lots of knowledge, full of information which is very useful, it helped me understand the practical side

Very well informed and I learnt a lot about cpr and anaphylaxis

Great course, very in depth

Really enjoyed doing first aid as I’ve learnt so much more than before and found out interesting facts.

Online course was all good and easy to use with notes and videos

Very good and informative but not overpowering, plenty of opportunities to ask questions and had clear explained answers

On line course was very informative and I liked there was quiz questions all the way through so it didn’t get repetitive

Really enjoyable and easy to listen to, great knowledge and would like to do the mental health course

Sebastian was a fantastic teacher and very enthusiastic. I enjoyed the lesson and learnt so much!

Administration of Medication in Early Years – Nursery – Bristol – May 2022

I have learned lots that I can implement in my setting and would now like to do the Mental Health and Advanced Epilepsy course

Trainer was more than knowledgable and easy to speak to. I learnt a lot today

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – April 2022

I found the course enjoyable thanks to Sebs interaction and knowledge. Been on paediatric courses before and have found them not enjoyable.

Sebastian is very kind and explained it all really well, I enjoyed taking part

Sebastian is very knowledgable and makes it fun when learning, which keeps your interest. He is very passionate about what he teaches

Everything was explained very well, thoroughly and detailed. I believe I have learnt lots of information

The way Seb teaches helps you feel at ease and able to take things in

Really good. Variety of information given in different ways e.g. Computer, practicals,videos

Really well structured, useful and precise information

Administration of Medication in Early Years – Nursery – Yeovil – March 2022

Informative and interesting

Very informative and enjoyable course!

Always a pleasure! Very interesting

Thank you – very interesting and informative

Thank you Sebastian!

As always Seb was great, he has lots of knowledge and gives real life experiences

Very enjoyable and interesting content

Autism Awareness – Nursery – Bristol – March 2022

Learnt a lot that I am going to take back with me

Very interesting course, lots of content

Very interesting information, got everyone involved

Really useful and helpful

Mental Health – Nursery – Paignton – March 2022

Sebastian is easy to listen to and brings lots of experience to the course

Very interesting content

Very well explained, went into depth and we were able to ask questions

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Willand – February 2022

The course was nice and relaxed which made it easier to take things in.

There was just enough to learn for a day course, not too much, not to little

I enjoyed doing some on line and some in person as you can do the on line at your pace and come back to it if you need a break

Well explained and easy to learn, Claire is a very good teacher

Was informative and relaxed. Felt at ease carrying out practical parts. Claire very friendly and knowledgable. The on line part was informative and you could access at own pace and in own time.

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery -Plymouth – February 2022

Very good, kept us interested at all times. Mixture of talking, videos and role play

I enjoyed the hands on practice

I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot

A good course, it went very fast and was very informative

Very good and easy to follow

Administration of Medication in Early Years Settings – Nursery- Bristol – February 2022

Always an excellent course. Very informative, excellent trainer!

Very good and accurate, makes sure everyone understands!

Seb is always happy to answer any additional questions in detail

Seb was fantastic! Always gives good knowledge on all courses

Very good training again from Sebastian

Emergency First Aid at Work -Riding Centre – Taunton – February 2022

It was very informative, an excellent day! Thank you Chris, I feel much more confident now.

Excellent. very informative, fun but learnt a lot!

Very interesting day, lots for thought!

Brilliant, really enjoyable and informative. Learnt far more than the skills based on what I have done for the last 20 years!

Very well explained, with lots of chances of having a go

A very good course, well presented and very enjoyable!

Advanced Epilepsy – Nursery – Taunton – February 2022

Course was in great detail and helped me to understand how to support someone with epilepsy

Very useful information, even for someone who has epilepsy

Seb was brilliant! Always goes above and beyond!

Seb is a very good instructor, the course was very informative

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery -Taunton- January 2022

Chris was amazing, I definately feel so much more confident

Chris was amazing and explained everything as clear as she could have

Chris was lovely! She explained everything very well and I understood it

Brilliant tutor / First Aider!!!

I feel so much more confident in first aid. I had zero knowledge before. Thank you to Chris for an enjoyable session/s

Emergency First Aid at Work – MOT and Servicing garage – Wiveliscombe – January 2022

Super course, very pleased with the outcome

I feel I have learnt a great deal and the tutor was very knowlegable and good at explaining everything

Very good course!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Nursery Bridgwater – January 2022

Sebastian is an amazing teacher, didn’t just give the basics but went over and above.

The course was fun and informative. Great explanations of topics

Brilliant as always!

Engaging, interesting, kept my focus with real life experiences

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery -Bristol – January 2022

Seb was very engaging and gave good in depth information which was useful in deepening learning

Seb was good and kept my interest throughout the day

The best first aid training I’ve had! Relaxing and dynamic at the same time. Lots of knowledge told with passion and enthusiasm

Tutor was very thorough and allowed lots of discussions

Excellent training, very detailed

Particularly enjoyed the practical sessions, the tutor was very knowledgable and very good at explaining

Emergency First Aid at Work – Nursery Taunton – January 2022

Always good fun and a great refresher for my knowledge

Excellent course, well informed and learnt a lot

Great course!

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery -Bristol – January 2022

It was really interesting and Seb is an amazing teacher. I’m really happy with the training I received.

Thank you for all the support Sebastian. It’s always good and needed to have refresher

The practical course with Sebastian was fantastic as ever, very informative and I like hearing all the extra information

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Wellington – January 2022

In person lesson was engaging, interesting with plenty of practical to keep engaged

Informative and helpful, included everything you would need to know

Loved all the opportunities we got take part in. e.g. DRABC, drawing of positions and various illnesses

Excellent as usual, thank you!

I enjoyed doing different tasks than years before

Very informative with an abundance of knowledge

Excellent course, very good trainers, felt confident having a go within the group

It was lovely to have interactive tasks in groups to break up the learning

Was a well taught and fun learning opportunity and our knowledge was updated

Paediatric – Nursery – Bridgwater -November 2021

Loved how the tutor didnt just read from a power point, she kept us engaged

Excellent delivery of the course

The course was delivered in an easy and calm manner, very informative and learnt some new things

Very informative, getting involved helps learning

Very good training, lots of new information, trainer excellent!

Was very informative and felt comfortable to join in, ask questions throughout. Great refresher and learnt some new things

First Aid for Parents – Nursery – Bristol November 2021

Very informative friendly tutor

Very good and informative course, well delivered and made interesting

Excellent course with plenty of useful information

Spot on – very informative

Really good, learnt a lot!

Great level of knowledge, very informative and answered lots of questions at the end

Great course!

Paediatric – Nursery – Bristol November 2021

This course was led very well, Sebastian was very helpful and informative, made the course very enjoyable

Very good knowledge and experience, positive and engaged teaching!

Very informative, was very interesting throughout

It has been very helpful and have learned so much from this course

Very knowledgable, helped us throught the course and made it fun!

EFAW – School – Bridgwater – November 2021

Excellent tutor, Chris was amazing. Informative videos to back up course and we were able to use practical resources

A really informative and well taught course

Really enjoyed and informative

Excellent course

Practical was good, timings were good. I felt reassured I was doing it correctley by the tutor

FAW – RDA Centre – Taunton – October 2021

Very informative, excellent tutor knowledge

Really informative course, left me feeling confident

Really enjoyed the course, Chris has been really supportive thoughout, thank you!

Great reminder and useful updates, makeup and situations were great!

Really good course!!

EFAW – Farm Shop – Yeovil – October 2021

Thouroughly enjoyed course, would definately recommend to friends

Chris was very helpful and informative, thank you!


Great teaching and thorough course

Good intro for someone with no previous knowledge

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – October 2021

Really pleased with the course. Presented everything so nicely and easy to follow

Lots of knowledge based on own experience shared with everyone to help us with our understanding of different first aid units

First aid tutor was vrey knowledgeable, a nice friendly atmosphere, hands on learning made it fun

Great amount of knowledge and additional information was shared. Very easy to understand the information

Seb went further in depth into not just first aid but medical practices which was good

Sebastian was fab! Really enjoyed his style of teaching and his knowledge

Sebastian was amazing and I have learned a lot about CPR

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Bridgwater – October 2021

Lots of activities to keep us all engaged and focused on a Saturday!

Excellent course, refreshed knowledge on first aid. Tutor delivered well!

Very good, practical and interactive. Tutor has good knowledge.

Interactive activities were good!

Liked the white boards! Great props and resources.

On line part was very easy to follow

Managing Medications in Early Years Settings

Very interesting and presented in a fun and relaxed way

Very interesting, thank you!

Sebastian is a very good course trainer, very informative and interesting to listen to

Learnt a lot of new things!

Very knowledgable experience!

Autism Awareness – Nursery – Bristol – October 2021

Really good, very enjoyable!

Learnt many things such as echolalia, didn’t know it had a technical name

Very informative

All great!

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Taunton – September 2021

Exceedingly informative, I have learnt a lot!

It was fun but informative

The course was very informative and kept everyones interest, really great!

Very knowledgable trainer, friendly and professional, I enjoyed refreshing my training

Chris gave a passionate, informative presentation, she was very knowledgable and was open minded to any question or comment given, really great!

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – September 2021

Sebastian kept the course fun, interactive and gave amazing information and explained if needed

Course was brilliant! Sebastian is clear with what he says and willing to help if needed. I enjoyed the course very much it was a good experience

Relaxed and happy atmosphere, mede it easy to particpate and learn, practicals made understand the theory easy

Loved the laid back training we received, always applying it to real life situations made it much easier to understand!

Seb has been an amazing tutor, super laid back and makes you feel very comfortanbe. Explains things in and easy way to understand! Top notch gut, many thanks Sebastian!

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Bristol – July 2021

Very good in depth teaching, couldn’t ask for better!

Amazing knowledge!

Very good teacher, interactive and informative

The course was made fun to learn, great training

Sebastian is fantastic! So engaging. The on line easy to follow and the quizzes were good to keep my mind stimulated

Sebastian is a great teacher, very interactive, learnt a lot from his teaching style, great!

Great knowledge, trainer kept you engaged

I really enjoyed learning reasons or why things happen and then how to help a person/child. I enjoyed the practicals, very informative, great training!

Seb was great at teaching us and then explaing the why and how which made it so much easier to follow

Emergency First Aid at Work – Nursery – Paignton – July 2021

Great tutor, I’ve learned a lot

Course was very good, very informative

Really good pace, easy to follow

Very informative and useful

A good pace and good opportunity to share experiences

Very informative and easy to understand, thoroughly enjoyed!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Reminiscence Learning – Wellington – July 2021

Fabulous session, very informative! Would love to do paediatric course

Clear to understand with good practical techniques

Very engaging!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Activity Centre – Wellington – July 2021

I felt comfortable asking questions and getting things wrong. Wasn’t judged just corrected

Great course!

Enjoyable, informative and useful

Would love to do another first aid training course to cover more serious injuries

Want to do more first aid qualifications to become more experienced

First Aid at Work – Activity Centre – Wellington – July 2021

Very practical and easy to remember

Very good

It was very interesting

Really good, learnt a lot!

Emergency Paediatric First Aid – School – Wells – July 2021

Lots of great interaction and activities which help you remember the content. Lovely engaging style of delivery.

Very good,, I felt I could ask questions and it wasn’t too much trouble. All very helful

Really clear instructions and able to interact with others made it an interesting course

Well organised, lots of time for discussions and questions

It was really relaxed and informal, I felt at ease and able to contribute

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Willand – July 2021

Very happy with course, very relaxed feel!

Was really good to do online course first and then confirm learning with practice on course day in person

Very relaxed, friendly and knowledgable

Able to answer all appropriate questions, well informed, knowledgable tutor, on line was easy to access and had good information

Great course! Very informative in a relaxed manner. Doing the on line it part if was nice to have time to think over questions and get information you needed

The course was covid safe, I was not in a work bubble but felt comfortable and safe

Administration of Medications in Early Years Settings – Nursery – Bristol – June 2021

Very interactive, knowledge of tutor was great!

Always great training with Sebastian! Thanks for always making it enjoyable!

Sebastian was great, very informative!

Practical skills – which is very useful, great course!

Sebastian was informative, helpful and very knowledgable as per usual!

Very informative, a great refresher with lots of information.

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Taunton – June 2021

Tutor very good and kept the lesson interesting

Very good, lots of practicals and activities

Claire was very informative and made the course enjoyable

Paediatric First Aid – 2 day course – Nursery – Bristol – June 2021

Tutor is very knowledgable you can tell he is very passionate when discussions are going on

Sebastian was knowledgeable informative and really engaging, making the course positive and memorable, thank you!

Sebastian was very welcoming, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout

Really enjoyed this course, very friendly and informative

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Bristol – June 2021

Claire was very informative, she made the training interesting and also had a good sense of humour

Learnt lots and had fun, thank you!

Very informative, thank you!


The tutor was relaxed and friendly giving an easy atmosphere to learn

Paediatic First Aid Blended – Nursery – Paignton – June 2021

Very informative course, on line was easy to follow , clear and very interactive

Brilliant, lots of activities and discussions, lots of knowledge

Very good, lots or practicals in fun environment

Claire was absolutely brilliant! Calm and collected, very knowledgable and happy to help with any questions

Claire was very good and kept it interesting with practical activites, time went past quickly

Really enjoyed how informative the lesson was and learned new information, even though this is the third time doing it

Excellent course, learnt a lot!

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Wellington – May 2021

Excellent course all round, informative, practical and interesting.

Well adapted in these times, well done for that!

Great props!

On line was easily accessible

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Bristol – May 2021

Tutor was very friendly and knowledgable, kept the course interesting and moving at a good pace

Great teacher, really helped me understand!

Very good teacher and very informative

Great teacher and very good explanations, easy to understand and follow

Excellent as ever Seb!

Autism Awareness – Nursery – Paignton – May 2021

Very informative and tutor was very good

Discussion time was good, positive interactions when working in teams

Liked the videos on peoples personal experiences

Interesting and helpful

Very informative

2 day First Aid at Work Requal – Consultancy Company – Uffculme – May 2021

A really good course, tutor knowledge was brilliant

Very good mix of learning and hands on practice, especially during current times

Good, informative course, thankyou!

2 day Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – May 2021

Seb is fantastic, enthusiastic and so knowledgable. He made us feel comfortable and welcome. Really enjoyed the course!

Great teacher, very knowledgable and approachable

Felt relaxed, learnt new things

The course was very helpful, the information given was a lot so I now feel confident in first aid

Sebastian was very informative, would be interested in other courses on offer

Excellent, would be interested in doing Advanced Epilepsy, Administration of Medications and Mental Health courses

Autism Awareness – Nursery – Plymouth – May 2021

I feel like the training was very rewarding and I learnt a lot today, thank you!

Learned a lot and will put a lot of it in our day to day routine

Has made me think about the children I work with, very interesting!

Very interesting and useful for every day practice

Very helpful, will be useful

A very good course with lots of information given

Very informative and lots of helpful tips to take back to the setting

It was an interesting course and made me see more into autism and different things in the diagnosis

Emergency First Aid at Work – Heating Engineering Co – Taunton – April 2021


Very well taught

Would recommend to anyone!

Mental Health in the Workplace – Nursery – Bristol – April 2021

Really enjoyed it, very interesting!

Very useful training, makes me realise the importance of mental health problems people go through

Interesting, learnt a lot

Sebastian is fantastic a per usual at teaching knowledgable courses and helping develp CPD

Emergency First Aid at Work – Heating Engineering Co – Taunton- April 2021



Emergency First Aid at Work – School – Wellington – April 2021

Very good all round course, trainer very engaging

Really informative and useful

Really knowledgable, friendly trainer making it easy to learn

Very well presented course

Advanced Epilepsy with Emergency Medications – Nursery – Bristol – March 2021

Excellent knowledge and lots of interesting information given

This will be useful in the future, definetely appropriate content. Useful to know about different types of seizure

I really enjoyed the course, very well taught. I learnt a lot that I could take away.

Really good training and taught very well

Extremely knowledgable and hands on. Answered all my questions in detail, great training!

Learnt about triggers of seizures and how to administer medications for it

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years (Blended) – Nursery – Taunton – March 2021

Excellent teaching, best first aid course I’ve done

Amazing work and help from leadwer, best relaxed day of first aid ever!

On line was amazing, well explained, lots of information

On line was very easy to navigate and use

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years – Nursery – Bristol – March 2021

Engaging, informative, much enjoyed, I now feel confident

Really enjoyed the training, thanks and really enjoyed the props, well done!

Good training and understanding, great resources!

Thank you for patience and explaining everything

Brilliant, great resources

Very engaging, good practical, fun quiz

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years (Blended) – Nursery – Bristol – March 2021

Keep shining Sebastian, you were very enthusiastic about your subject and delivered content very well!

Excellent course, Seb was excellent – 10 out of 10!

Really great! I enjoyed the class and have learnt a lot!

I feel really confident with the content of this course, thankyou!

On line was simple and had clear instructions

On line was easy to use and informative

First Aid at Work Requal Blended – Activity Centre – Wellington – March 2021

The course instructor was excellent throughout and very typical of Akesis Medical training

In depth and hands on teaching

Informative and able to take information in easily

Administration of Medications in Early Years – Nursery – Paignton – March 2021

Learnt lots of new things today and this course was very informative

Really good again! Learnt a lot.

Always leave Sebastians lessons feeling confident in the subject matter

Course was very informative and helpful

It was a good pace, informative and any questions answered

Relevant, informative, enjoyable and can review practice, thank you

Taught in a friendly, easy to understand approach

EFAW – Nursery – Bristol – March 2021

Really inspiring and passionate, friendly and engaging, made me want to learn more

Really interesting, most fun and knowledge learned at any first aid course I’ve ever been to!

Excellent course, delivered in great detail, would like to learn more!

Well informed, I actually leant a lot, it does pay to keep up to date! Really good day

Because I have done lots of training over the years (I’m very old) I thought it would be a bit boring but it was excellent!

Super engaging and really informative without it being boring.

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Bristol – March 2021

Thank you for great training! Opportunites to share ideas

On line learning was good background for the face to face session

Loved the props! Enjoyable

On line very easy and straight forward

Very well explained with each slide

Good course, lots of information – detailed

Very informative training, found the e-learning easy to use and again, very informative

Variety of ‘hands on’ vs talking which helped engagement

Paediatric First Aid Blended – School – Wells – March 2021

Course was very informative and practical

Very friendly and relaxed, easy to contribute. The on line part was easy to follow and good to work at own level / time frame

A very informative and relaxed course with the right amount of input

Very well explained and always checked if we understood what was being done

Advanced Epilepsy with Emergency Medications – Nursery – Bristol – February 2021

Very informative and relevant information. Tutor made sure to repeat important information.

Really relaxed and interactive, so friendly and supportive.

Very in depth and educational thank you

Very informative and helped with experiences that have happened at work

Very good course, taught in an easy, clear way, gained good knowledge.

Very good, Sebastian has excellent knowledge of the subject!

Advanced Epilepsy with Emergency Medications – Nursery – Plymouth – February 2021

What a great way to learn. Sebastian was amazing, funny, interesting and so passionate, thank you!

This was amazing, very informative and interesting.

Today I learnt a lot and definately more aware about the different signs of epilepsy, I’ve got a much better understanding, thank you!

Sebastian is amazing, his lessons are fantastic, fun, interesting and I have learnt a lot!

Paediatric Blended – Nursery – Bristol – January 2021

Very good, different activities kept it fun

Great training! Safety around Covid was great too!

On line was easy to use and straightforward

Very good session, felt very welcome and relaxed

Under the circumstances that we are currently in we were still able to participate in practicals in a safe way.

On line was very informative and easy to use

Paediatric Blended – Nursery – Twyford – January 2021

Our tutor, Sebastian, was superb! Very passionate about the subject and very informative, brilliant!

Sebastian was brilliant, he took us beyond first aid as we’d all done several courses and helped us understand more of the how and why.

The on line part prepared me well for the face to face session. The tutor was excellent and kept everyone’s attention. Learnt new and different information

Very informative and very passionate about making sure we understood everything.

On line learning was interesting and easy to use

Paediatric – Nursery – Bristol – December 2020

Very interesting, realistic and interactive.

Real situations! Kept attention focus with lots of examples

Course was very informative, tutor was knowledgable and covered all that we needed to know – and more!

Very engaging and enthusiastic. Great share of background knowledge, friendly, welcoming and open to questions.

Really in depth, learnt a lot!

Paediatric – Nursery – Bridgwater – December 2020

Brilliant, positive, lots of information

Excellent teaching, thank you

Very interesting, I have learnt a lot

Emergency First Aid at Work – Riding for Disabled Centre – Taunton – December 2020

The trainer very knowledgable – referring to clinical experiences

Really informative, learnt lots of new things!

Mental Health at Work – Nursery – Bristol – December 2020

Very good course, learnt a lot of things

Enjoyed the course and learnt more on mental health

Very interesting!  practical, knowledgable!

Very interesting – nice to see videos and have knowledge from the tutor

Paediatric Blended – School – Street – December 2020

Excellent course!

I liked the on line part and being able to work from home at my chosen time

Great!  Even with all of the current restrictions and the cold room I feel that it was an interesting and informative course given the challenges – thank you!

On line was interesting with the balance of videos to reading

Managing Medications in Early Years – Nursery – Bristol – November 2020

Good relevant content, informative and relevant to my role

Good demonstations & great information given

Lots of useful information, Sebastion has excellent knowledge and everything will be used in practice at work

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Willand – November 2020

Best first aid course I’ve ever been on, Chris was awesome!

The on line was interesting and informative, I liked that it would talk to you

I’ve been on a number of course, this was the best at being relevant to children & babies.  I liked the on line course, thought it was great too, liked the quizzes after certain scenarios!

Very knowedgable and engaging tutor, I learnt a lot from the course!

The on line part was easy to navigate and helpul that you could go back to it instead of having to do it all in one go.

EFAW – Animal feed company – Uffculm – November 2020

Really liked the way we were taught today, thank you.

A very informative day and well explained.

Paediatric blended – Nursery – Plymouth – November 2020

Seb’s knowledge, experiences and delivery was fantastic!

Seb’s teaching was brilliant, so much knowledge and his background experience made the course so interesting.

I loved this course, brilliantly taught!

Autism Awareness – Nursery – Bristol – October 2020

Really good interesting course. Very educational and helpful for the future.

Great! Came together in groups to express knowledge

Great refresher of knowledge, good to know we are are doing the right things

Great training – enjoyed being able to participate and reflect on own knowledge

I enjoyed the course and thought that the group work, discussions, videos and powerpoint worked really well.

Really informative and applicable to our practice, taking loads of information back to my team!

Very informative, pleased with new found knowledge

Very helpful, helped me understand the child I work with more, good strategies!

Very eye opening training, great knowledge

Advanced Epilepsy and use of Buccal Midazolam – Nursery – Bristol – October 2020

Lots of information I never knew about Epilepsy

Excellent training! – Practical and theorhetical knowledge!

Very interesting and knowledgable, learnt lots of new things.

Sebastain always gives very good courses and explains in full, can tell he’s very passionate about the subject!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – October 2020

Enthusiastic tutor who made it interesting to learn

On line part was informative and easy to use

Sebastian was very informative using real situations to teach the First Aid

The online part was good, nice to do it in own time and good that you can come back instead of doing the whole thing at once.

Very welcoming tutor, easy to understand when explaining First Aid

Sebastian is amazing and made me want to learn more!

Paediatric First Aid – Nursery – Bristol – September 2020

Seb taught us at just the right pace and made sure everyone understood.  Also allowed enough time for questions.

Seb taught each topic in depth and broken down so it was easy to understand, I learnt a lot.

Seb answered all questions well and encouraged us all to have a go without making us feel bad if we got it wrong!

Really good course!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Nursery – Taunton – September 2020

The course was really good, learnt new things!

Some really good tips shared and teaching was clear

All good, thank you!

Emergency First Aid at Work – School – Bridgwater – September 2020

Our trainer ensured that this was taught in a very relaxed manner.

Very, very informative, thank you!

Really enjoyed the course, tutor knowledge excellent.

Great to have hands on experience.

Paediatric First Aid 2 day course – Nursery – Bristol – September 2020

First course I haven’t wanted to fall asleep in! Loved the ‘made up’ and pretend injuries

Really enjoyable and interesting – thank you Claire!

Really enjoyable, Claire reasonably adapted the course to support me

Claire was amazing!

Claire was absolutely amazing and understanding and was happy to help support when we needed help with things

Honesty, taught very well and enjoyed

Fantastic session!  Easy to talk to Claire who answered all my questions

Paediatric Blended course – childminders, nursery workers – Wellington – September 2020

Lots of information really well presented in a relaxed professional way

Good, interesting course

Really good

Chris was very friendly and welcoming and had fantastic knowledge, the on line part was interesting easy to follow

Paediatric Blended course – Nursery – Bristol – September 2020

Had a very positive experience, very in depth information

Great presentation – Tutor had excellent knowledge and I enjoyed the e-learning part as I like this way of learning

Very interesting, so much knowledge, learnt many new things and the e-learning was clear and easy to use

Seb was very knowledgable and interactive which made it engaging and interesting

Really enjoyed my experience with Seb – very interesting, thank you.

Seb was very informal and went into depth with everything – he is brilliant!

Emails from students following their Paediatric Blended course

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for yet another very informative first aid course.  
Despite these strange times, we felt completely at ease and admired the lengths you had gone to protect everyone on the day.  Bandaging a piece of pipe was a first!!
Thankyou once again and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others. 
Kind regards

Afternoon Chris 

Just a quick email to say thank you for sending my first aid certificate in the post came yesterday. Also thank you for your support & help on the day, can’t thank you enough. Much appreciated. 
I have put a photo of my certificate on my business Facebook page & said how excellent you are , one of my friends have asked for your details which I have passed on to her so she should be contacting you . I will also pass your name on to others . 
I will also be in touch when I need to renew my again . 
Thank you again 
Stay safe 
Kind regards 

EFAW – School – Street – September 2020

A very informative course, thank you!

Very good idea, using pipes for dressings!!!

Very practical, explained everything clearly and very efficiently

Well delivered with plenty of advice and discussion

Paediatric – Nursery – Taunton – August 2020

Best course I’ve done so far!

Good course, very interactive

Course was very informative and made as it can be which made learning easier

Paediatric Blended – Childminders and Nursery practioners – Wellington – August 2020

Brilliant thank you!

The course was great to do both in person and online, not too much info thrown at you, easy to follow

A fun, informative course, thank you

On line part was very informative, I enjoyed the quizzes!

Really relaxed even during this difficult time with Covid, it was all excellent!

On line was really beneficial and easy to use, kept my interest.

Excellent support and understanding, thank you for your help!

EFAW – Nursery – Taunton – August 2020

Very informative and helpful

Great course, I feel confident with first aid now

Very lovely friendly and knowledgable tutor, able to answer any questions asked

Training was tricky with Covid precautions but as interesting as ever!

EFAW – Consultancy Company – Cullompton – July 2020

Very happy with the course, very helpful, would definity recommend

Very helpful teacher, easy to talk to and ask questions

Paediatric Blended – Nursery – Plymouth – July 2020

Tutors were easy to talk to and helped us if needed.

Jogged my memory from last tiem I did first aid

On line course was informative and useful.

EFAW – Activity Centre – Wellington – July 2020

The teaching was very good and the teacher made it very enjoyable

It was all very well done!

Chris was lovely and never made me feel silly when I answered a question wrongly or made a mistake in any practical stuff

Very good teaching!

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Wellington – July 2020

Brilliant course as always, thank you!

On line part was easy to follow

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Nursery – Taunton – March 2020

Course was well balanced between e-learning and practical learning

Always good, interesting and good to refresh knowledge and update skills

Friendly and went through everyting in detail, willing to answer any questions

Everyone joined in and didn’t feel uneasy asking questions

Really enjoyed refreshing my knowledge

The on line programme was informative and easy to use

Emergency First Aid at Work – Activity Centre – Wellington – March 2020

Great teaching and knowledge, cannot see how it could have been improved

Great fun!

Really informative – learnt a lot!

Emergency First Aid + F – Fencing and Planthire contractors – Uffculme – March 2020

Very good course

Very good, positive throughout the session – thank you very much!

Really good

Mental Health First Aid – Nursery – Taunton – March 2020

This was really interesting and I would like to learn more around mental health

Brilliant course to do – think all staff would benefit from having the chance to do this

The course showed me more ways of supporting someone through a mental health issue and the content was delivered well

Was able to relate to work and to myself a little too

Seb is so informative and positive and ensures you have a good understand and always offers further resources

First Aid at Work – Design and Manufacturing Company – March 2020

Chris is an excellent teacher, she engaged everyone and mde us feel very at ease in the practicals

Really happy with the training from the tutor and found it a very relaxed manner, excellent!


Paediatric First Aid for Early Years – Bristol Nursery – February 2020

Great teacher and extent of knowledge!

The information was really detailed and good, I enjoyed learning new things about the heart and what to do in real life situations

Good teaching, I found the course interesting and learnt a lot of new things

Amazing teacher, very informative and hands on with real life experiences

I found this course very practical and useful, the best quality of teaching!

Managing Medications in Early Years – Taunton Nursery – February 2020

Very helpful and enjoyable course, good knowledge by tutor

Very good knowledge by tutor

Good knowledge shared in a fun way, thank you!

Very well delivered and made interesting with his own experiences and knowledge

Very informative, lots of knowledge in all medical fields, approachable, friendly and offered support outside of course

Very informatinve, learnt a lot which will be useful for both work and home life

EFAW – Construction business – Cullompton – February 2020

Great course, very informative, good atmosphere

Informative, good tutor, good all round

Excellent trainer and great knowledge, thank you!

Really enjoyed! Relaxed and very informative!

EFAW – Riding for Disabled Taunton – February 2020

Amazing teacher, easy to understand and was happy to anser all questions

Brilliant course!

One of the best first aid courses I have attended!

Very good course, gained a lot of knowledge

Paediatric First Aid – Blended – Wells- February 2020

Excellent teaching, on line was a really good way of doing the theory

Blended learning is really convenient, you can access it at your own pace, great day, thank you!

Great teaching, on line a really good idea it was easy to dip in and out as needed.

Paediatric First Aid – Blended – Taunton- February 2020

Superb as usual!

On line learning was good, clear instructions to follow. Thought this was a really good way to do the course.

The on line was very easy to do and I enjoyed the course

Really fun and informative. I learnt a lot of new things it makes me more confident if I ever need to use my skills.

Loved the on line part, was easy to use.

Fun, relaxing atmosphere. All equipment to hand, fantastic knowledge, good hands on approach.  Fab refresher!! Much needed, thankyou.

FAW Blended – Barnstaple – February 2020

Chris made the day exciting, hands on and enjoyable, nice to refresh!

On line was good, if you got a question wrong you had to re-answer so you learn on the go.

Well explained, easy to understand course, the on line was easy to access and straightforward

On line learning was very informative and easy to understand

EFAW for Schools – Meare – January 2020

Thank you! A very informative and useful day!

Thank you, I really enjoyed this course.

Thank you for being both informative and supportive!

EFAW – Uffculme – January 2020

Good knowledgable tutor who covered all bases well without dragging it out

Very informative and a good ratio between practical and theory

Feel confident in dealing with first aid after this course

Paediatric Blended – Bristol – January 2020

Very friendly and really clear, I have learnt loads and understand it all

The tutor was very helpufl and I have learnt a lot from him

The online training was very easy to follow and to complete

Really interesting, the subject covered were good – really well presented

Very informative, went above and beyone to provide us with additional knowledge

Fantastic tutor, well versed in subject matter and taught on a personal level

Advanced Epilepsy and Emergency Medication – Taunton – January 2020

This was a very enjoyable course, I feel I have gained lots of knowledge on Epilepsy.

The course leader was very informative

I’m very happy with the level of knowledge and understanding I got from this course, I found it extremely interesting and packed with lots of helpful information

Sebastian was amazing, very helpful, in detail, relaxed and very enjoyable

Managing Medications in Early Years – Bristol – January 2020

Excellent training course! Very informative and detailed

Really useful, learnt a lot from this course

Very informative and lots of detail with good knowledge and advice

A very enjoyable course with Sebastian, he always makes it fun whilst learning

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Bridgwater – January 2020

Fantastic and informative!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, the tutor was excellent and made it fun

The on line part was an effective way to complete the bulk of the info

Lovely quality of teaching, the on line was easy to use and helpful to complete before the practical day

Great practical tasks to refresh my learning

An excellent trainer, this 2nd course has given me much more confidence!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Wellington – January 2020

Very informative, good to have practical practice as well as on line

Really in-depth course.  I have learnt a lot and am happy with what I now know

Was appropriate, easy to follow and all relevant info

Great course, on line part was informative – not confusing!

Excellent teaching, very clear and makes everyone understand.

Great job as always!!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Bristol – November 2019

Seb was the most inspiring person I have ever met, amazing man and very knowledgable.

Very knowledgable and confident tutor

Good practice and resources, on line was very informative and easy to access

Very supportive tutor who answered all questions asked, gave lots of praise.

On line very easy to understand and set out well to complete

Seb is a brilliant trainer and he covers the training in depth.  I feel very confident in first aid now and I enjoyed the course.

The on line learning programme was very informative.

Emergency First Aid at Work – Wellington – November 2019

Learnt some things I would not have thought of.  Very interesting and enlightening

Super useful course!

Excellent and informative

Brilliant, thank you!

My confidence has increased considerably after attending this course.  An excellent teacher!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Wellington – November 2019

A very intersting and enjoyable course – first class!

I enjoyed the day spent learning, it was made fun but sill educational.

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Wellington – November 2019

The day was very enjoyable and done in a fun but learning manner. Really enjoyed the day, thank you

The on line gave lots of information prior to questions set you up for the hands on learning

This has been a brilliant course and Chris was amazing.  She welcomed any questions and really helped when learning.  I really enjoyed it and feel confident!

On line was simple to use and had lots of information and videos.  I prefer this way of doing it as in having online learning and a practical day is brilliant!

Paediatric First Aid – Bristol – October 2019

Sebastian is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgable and gives lots of opportunities for questions and hands on / practical demonstrations.

Thoroughly enjoyed this course, very informative and I am much more confident in my skills and how to manage in many different situations,

Seb taught and explained everything in great detail and made sure nothing was left out.

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Bristol – October 2019

Excellent training and all the right information given

Sebastian was very informative and kept the course fun and engaging

The on line part was very informative and was helpful that it included videos and demonstrations

Seb was very knowledgeable and presented the course in a relaxed, friendly manner

On line very easy to follow, allowed you to review errors and correct them

Lots of great information, very helpful discussions!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Street – October 2019

Very informative and easy to understand course.

Really enjoyed the course, the on line part was simple to use and easy to follow

Really enjoyed today, Chris was fab!  Explained everything brilliantly!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Wellington – October 2019

Really felt happy with what I was being shown but get overwhelmed with too much information, really interesting!

Thought it was really interesting, definitely learnt a lot!



Very helpful for in work scenarios

Paediatric First Aid Blended – Taunton – October 2019

Felt really at ease and comfortable, didn’t feel judged if I got things wrong

I feel really confident to use first aid now should I need to

I found the on line part a great way of learning, there are so many links for further information and it was presented in a great way to get full potential out of it

Emergency First Aid at Work – Wellington – October 2019

I found this course very informative and the tutor was very helpful

Very good teaching and good at answering questions, also dealing with inapropriate questions!

Good, clear teaching methods

Good teaching, really helpful

Paediatric – Bristol – September 2019

Sebastian is a very good teacher, he teaches everything in a fun and memorable way

Seb was knowledgable and good at describing what to do and why.  Loved the practical side.

Tutor was very enthusiastic and passionate.  Felt able to ask lots of questions.

Sebastian has a huge passion for teaching and this first aid course was fun, full of information, I feel much more knowledgable.

I’ve been really, thoroughly interested in the course, Seb is highly enthusiastic and made it easy to understand.

EFAW – Taunton – September 2019

A really well delivered course, very interesting!

Enjoyable, relaxed course which refreshed knowledge.

A very well presented course that was very interesting.

Paediatric Blended – Wellington – September 2019

The course was relaxed and friendly. No pressure when doing practicals, just help

Chris was lovely, friendly and made us feel at ease and relaxed

On line part of course was very user friendly, the face to face teaching was friendly, relaxed and first class.  I will definitely use this type of course again!

Paediatric Blended – Wells – September – 2019

Brilliant, knowledgable instructor who covered each area and I felt confident at the end. Best I have attended!

This was a very informative course, very hands on, explained well.

Really felt comfortable with the course tutor & am glad to update my knowledge

On line part was easy to use, user friendly and informative structure.

I really enjoyed doing the on line part for the first time

Emergency First Aid at Work for Schools – Taunton – September 2019

Very clear trainer with outstanding knowledge

Really practical session, plenty of opportunities to ask questions

Really informative, hand on practice was beneficial

Paediatric Blended – Bridgwater – September 2019

After having done a lot of First Aid courses this was the best – learned new stuff!

On line part was really user friendly

Good amount of practical, laidback, fun, wasn’t boring!

Chris was fantastic! Very informative!

Blended learning so much better than a 2 day course

I really enjoyed this course, very informative and I have learnt a lot.

Emergency First Aid at Work – Bristol – August 2019

Brilliant learning, Seb was a good teacher and made the lesson enjoyable

Very knowledgable, fun, very interesting, learnt a lot!

The best!

Explained things in a clear way so it was easier to understand

Emergency First Aid at Work – Taunton – August 2019

Excellent all round. Perfect group size, very clear and informative training. Training fun, relaxed yet very professional.

Amazing experience!

Very nice group and venue, excellent teaching

Excellent tuition and open to all questions.  Thank you so much!

Paediatric Blended – Norton Fitzwarren – July 2019

Christine was very informative.  The course was comprehensive & has increased my knowledge due to covering aspects such as AED and alternate Recovery position that I hadn’t covered before. Lovely atmosphere!

Great course, really enjoyed it!

The course was taught in such a way that the trainer put you at ease to be able to ask questions.  A good mix of practical hands on and also sharing of knowledge.

Paediatric Blended – Bristol – July 2019

Sebastian has really good knowledge and explained all aspects in detail.

The practical part of the course was really helpful and the tutor made it interesting.

Enthusiastic teacher made session enjoyable and interesting.

Lots of real life experiences to make things clearer and understandable

Administration of Medication in Early Years – Bristol – June 2019

Very informative and accurate – excellent trainer and full of knowledge

Sebastian kept the training fast paced and relevant.  New and up to date info was very useful!

Learnt so much, was interesting to hear how medicines affect the body

Excellent, clear, really engaging!

Paediatric First Aid – Blended course – Cannington – May 2019

The course was fun and informative, it was great to be able to learn online as well and at your own pace.

Thank you, the online part was very understandable and easy to navigate

Good to re-visit all aspects of First Aid plus demonstration and practice of de-fibrilator

On line was good to check throughout and you could re-visite areas you were unsure of

EFAW – Norton Fitzwarren – May 2019

Loved it!

Had a very informative day.  Tutor conveyed subject in an easy to understand manner and made us feel very relaxed.

It was an excellent course, excellent coverage of info both theory and practical.  Enjoyed paractising how to administer First Aid and use of defibrillators.

EFAW – Uffculme – May 2019

Very informative, excellent training course

Very good and relaxed atmosphere.  Left feeling well informed

Very informative.  Good teacher, very professional. Covered every day situations.

Paediatric – Wellington – May 2019

A fantastic course, one of the best I have been on.  Excellent knowledge and a relaxed atmosphere.

Chris was an excellent course leader, her knowledge was amazing and she had time for our questions.

Excellent teaching techniques. Relaxed venue with small group and room to practise.

EFAW – Cullompton – April 2019

Chris was great!  Very knowledgable and went at the right pace.

Very knowledgable teacher and covered topics that will help in my place of work

Really lovely teacher, felt really comfortable to ask questions

Excellent course – feel confident to try first aid at work again!

Thank you for making everything clear and understandable.

EFAW – Plymouth – March 2019

Really good, thank you, would love to do the Medications course!

Very knowledgable tutor, thank you.

Really good, as usual!

Administration of Medication in Early Years Settings – Bristol – March 2019

I found the contents of the course interesting and insightful.  The teacher was friendly and passionate about the subject

Really good training with lots of information given

Very informative and relaxed as usual

Knowledgable tutor was great!  I found the content really interesting

Sebastian is a fabulous tutor, extremely knowledgable.  Engages the whole group with team discussion and participation, sharing experiences in our practice.  Happy to answer any questions and provide information to support the training.

EFAW – Bristol – March 2019

Very informative, all questions answered fully, thank you.

Sebastian gives a very informative approach whilst remaining light hearted and easy to listen to / engage with!

Lots of background information which made the course very interesting

Good, educational course, helps refresh memory on First Aid

Good way to learn, in a relaxed manner.

Paediatric Blended – Plymouth – February 2019

Really good training as always!

Enjoyed the course very much, very informative

Brilliant training as usual!

The on line part was very informative and easy to follow

EFAW – Weston-Super-Mare – February 2019

Good informative course, well delivered

Fantastic day – thank you!

A great teacher, made the day feel really comfortable.  Really happy with the training!

Very knowledgable tutor who also made it fun.

EFAW – Taunton – January 2019

Very good course, explanations clear and made to feel confident

Enjoyed doing the abdominal thrusts with the equipment as never done that before

The practical session using the choking simulator was good as I have not done that before

Using equipment was a good experience to know how it would feel

EFAW – Street – January 2019

Excellent knowledge given

Really good training dealing with issues we might come across.

Tutor had great knowledge and was very approachable

Paediatric First Aid Blended Course – Bristol – January 2019

Teacher was kind and funny.  I was interested in everything he was teaching us and kept the attention of the group.

The on line part was in depth and had good information

I found this course very helpful and the way the class was taught in a fun and relaxed manner, if you had any questions they were answered in a positive manner.

Doing part of the course on line was a good thing as I have not had to do 2 days training

I’m really happy with the training and I feel confident too!

Paediatric First Aid Blended Course – Bristol – January 2019

Great course, it was delivered in a fun way which helps to retain info longer.  Lots of opportunites for all to be involved.

Course was explained clearly by a friendly tutor who is passionate about his job

Very informative, kept my interest all the way through – I even learnt a few new things!!!

Paediatric First Aid – Wiveliscombe – January 2019

Good content of course, excellent tutor

Very good course, very clear and thorough

Very informative, knowledgable tutor

Thank you, teaching styles varied, made fun, relevent, very good all round

A very reassuring, positive instructior, very approachable, I felt I learnt a lot!

Very good with people and how they felt (anxieties)

Liked defib info and different scenarios, really useful for all staff

Paediatric Blended Course – Street – December 2018

This was the best first aid course I have done!

The on line section was really informative and easy to use.  The practical part was also brilliant and relaxed.

I liked doing the online part – we did it in 3 sessions so it wasnt information overload.

Chris, as always, a great teacher.  Kept everything relaxed and made us relaxed enough to ask questions.

EFAW Course – Street – December 2018

A great training course, thank you for making it interesting. You have filled me with confidence.

Positive delivery, engaging, enjoyable and personable.

Great delivery and learnt lots – ready to take this back

Paediatric Course – Street December 2018

Great course, look forward to doing it again, great teacher!

Chris made the course fun and interactive, made it interesting and easier to take in and retain information.

Paediatric Blended Course – Street – November 2018

Loved the small group session and lots of practical!

Very informative, practical hands on course

Very knowledgable trainer

First Aid at Work course – Riding Centre for Disabled – Taunton – October 2018

Support and understanding with hearing impairment, glad of assistance with a rare nosebleed!

Excellent – thank you!

Fantastic teacher – very helpful during practicals.

Excellent all round.  Continual assessment worked really well and I enjoyed the simulated emergency situations!

Paediatric Blended Course – Norton Fitzwarren – October 2018

Email received following the course:

Hi Christine

Just wanted to say thank you for running the course on Saturday, all of the girls have fed back on how good it was. They have mentioned how informative it was, their preference for the style of course and also the lovely atmosphere, which made all feel comfortable to learn, practice and ask questions, such a difference to some of the experiences they have had. We will definitely be in contact for more courses.

Brock House Nursery Ltd

EFAW – Street – September 2018

Tutor was fantastic.

This was extremely useful I have never done first aid training before

Excellent input from Chris, I felt relaxed and learnt so much

FAW – Barnstaple – September 2018

Very well run course, excellent tutor, great knowledge

Excellent tutor with great knowledge, great practical examples

Excellent! – Well run, super organisation, very informative, reflective!

EFAW – Taunton – July 2018

Really nice training day, very easy to understand and very helpful

Good course, well taught and relaxed.  Well presented with both theory and practical

Really nice, friendly atmospher, made me feel very comfortable which made it easier to learn

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Bristol – July 2018

Course was really fun and a good refresher

Chris very knowlegable – able to answer questions outside of the set course

Chris is an excellent teacher putting the course across in the best way possible

Paediatric First Aid – Bristol – June 2018

Brilliant teaching, feel more comfortable if first aid was required

Really happy with the course, lots of useful information give. Plenty of explanation and demonstrations.

Great! Really informative course!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Bristol – April 2018

Very well taught and was able to keep everyone’s attention by both discussion and hands on practice

On line learning was very informative

Good mix of hands on practical and informative parts with discussions

Chris was funny and kept my attention

On line part was easy to use and great as a refresher

Emergency Paediatric First Aid – Street – March 2018

Course has made me more confident in dealing with any incidents which may occur in our setting

Excellent course teacher, lovely atmosphere and good explanation of content

A great day and good humour!

First Aid at Work – Street – March 2018

Very well taught class where I felt engaged and relaxed

Brilliant course – I really enjoyed it, the practical scenarios were really helpful!

Really well taught, all of us had plenty of chances to get stuck in and carry out practices

Paediatric – Street – March 2018

Excellent informative course, found it very interesting!

Loved the role play.

Loved the ‘special effects’ stuff! Will definitely help me remember how to deal with some situations.

Very knowledgable tutor and a very friendly course!

FAW – Wellington – January 2018

Great 3 daysR!

Lots of information – breaks helped 🙂 Thanks

Tutor was amazing!

A well experienced trainer!

EFAW – Yeovil – January 2018

Good split between talking, clips, hands on and discussion

Thank you Chris, an informative and enjoyable day

Calm, professional teaching

Excellent subject knowledge

Very helpful and great knowledge! 

Much more confident if this happens in life!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Twyford – January 2018

Chris is the best First Aid trainer I’ve ever used!

The course is well honed, experience shows through.

Very good, very relaxed, fun at times and very well taught.

Very informative and educational

Informative and excellent!

The on line part of the course was excellent, it really prepared you for the practical!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Wellington – January 2018

The course was informative, well structured and very useful

It was useful to have on line learning on top of the face to face learning

This was very helpful course and the tutor was helpful in answering any questions

The on line part made it much easier and saved time

Lots of knowledge, very hands on, friendly

EFAW – SCIL – Taunton – November 2017

Brilliant delivery!

Excellent training, walked away feeling very confident

Brilliant, great teacher!

Really good training, trainer was excellent!

Paediatric Blended First Aid – Street – November 2017

Fab course!  Really clear, easy to use, loved the audio as well as written and videos.

Excellent, thanks!

I enjoyed the on-line part as was able to spend more time on areas more relevant to my children.

On line was easy to use and good as it saves progress each time.

Very knowledgeable tutor and good examples of real life situations

Great course, very informative, has really boosted my first aid confidence

EFAW – SCIL – Taunton – October 2017

All great.  Took away fear of using Defib – learnt a lot!

The best first aid course I’ve ever attended!

EFAW -Riding Centre for Disabled – Taunton – October 2017

Course was invaluable

Good, clear information at appropriate level

Managing Medications – Nursery – Taunton – September 2017

Loved it! Lots of knowledge, very factual and interesting

Very interesting, makes me want to go to medical school!

Very passionate and knowledgeable teacher

Really interesting!  Sebastian was very passionate and his knowledge is awesome!

First Aid at Work – Flip Out – Wellington – September 2017

I enjoyed this course very much.  Chris was brilliant, very patient and considerate.

Chris was an excellent teacher!  Extremely knowledgeable, clear, concise instructions.

Friendly.  Everything was well explained.  Would definitely recommend

Chris has been the best tutor I have ever had in First Aid.  Her knowledge is phenomenal and her realistic props really helped with practice.

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years – Blended Learning – Bristol – September 2017

Excellent in depth knowledge of tutor, very informative approachable tutor

On line course was easy to access and informative

Sebastian is brilliant as always and enthusiastic, very thorough and interesting

On line course was very good

Excellent tutor, made it fun whilst ensuring we learnt loads

Emergency First Aid at Work – Bristol – September 2017

Very well delivered – tutor is great!

Lots of real life experiences – really informative and kept us involved!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Street – September 2017

A great course excellently delivered.

Great theory to practical ratio. Content was helpful and well thought out, thank you, enjoyed it a lot!

Fantastic course – great use of practical!

Best First Aid course I have been on!

Paediatric First Aid for Early Years – Tiverton – September 2017

Amazing, would highly recommend!

Good, clear explanations, friendly atmosphere and extremely informative, thank you.

Emergency First Aid at Work – School – Street – September 2017

Really impressed and have learnt a lot!

This is the best EFAW course I’ve been on and have been on many – thank you!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Racing stables – Dulverton – August 2017

Very enjoyable day, learnt loads!

Fantastic for team building!

Excellent day, great fun, happy to recommend!

Emergency First Aid at Work – Street – July 2017

Tutor was extremely knowledgeable and able to put things into context in an appropriate manner

Great course! Thank you, I have learnt loads!

Paediatric Blended – Wellington – July 2017

Really good, preferred being able to do part on line as this was better for me time wise and to refresh my knowledge

I was given enough time to learn what I needed with enough practical tools to help!

Paediatric – Bristol – July 2017

Very well taught! Got a good understanding of everything!

Good to receive a book to keep as well after the course had finished.

Really informative and enjoyable – thank you!

Teacher was very knowledgeable and made us all aware of how important first aid is

Paediatric – Bristol – May 2017

Amazing course!

Tutor was very helpful and made sure I understood everything before moving on.

Tutor was extremely friendly and gave in depth information to help understand more.

Tutor is an excellent teacher, I felt grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

Paediatric – Bristol – April 2017

Brilliant as ever!

Great tutor knowledge and was able to deliver in a way that was educational but fun, many thanks!

Anaphylaxis and use of Auto-Injector – Bristol – March 2017

A really good course, feel confident in administering an Epi Pen & good refresher for CPR

Good information given on the subject

Very informative

Very beneficial course, learned a lot regarding anaphylaxis

Lots of useful information, examples of forms etc.

Paediatric – Devon – March 2017

I really enjoyed all the practical aspects of the first aid training and the group discussions worked well tto

Really enjoyable, feeling confident!

Felt I learned a lot from the training!

EFAW – Somerset- March 2017


Learnt loads!

Loved using the AEDs

Feel so much more confident – learnt a lot – great course, thanks!

Paediatric – Somerset – March 2017

Excellent as always, thank you!

Practice, discussion and open questions really helped process of understanding

Good opportunities to ‘have a go’ ourselves

The course was really helpful and covered all first aid for my setting

Jen and Chris were amazing, had a great time on this course

A brilliant course!

Really good course with clear instruction and Chris was lovely

Enjoyed the course and felt at ease which I haven’t always on previous courses

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