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Local Business Offers

Local Business Offers

Based in Wellington, Somerset, we are aiming to support local businesses with their First Aid requirements.

As such we are offering reduced costs for any First Aid course booked by the end of 2017.

An example:

Normal price for one day Emergency First Aid at Work course is £65pp.  We will run a course for any business based in or around Wellington for just £45pp if you have a group of 5 or more.

Next Paediatric course to be held in Wellington on November 12th. 10am – 4pm.  Cost to local residents just £60pp This is a blended course, students will undertake the first part on line followed up by the practical face to face session in November.

Offers available on other courses, contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

01823 668604 / 07891 865 018

Halloween Safety

First Aid Training

Halloween Safety

Happy Halloween

Keep Halloween Safe

Halloween is a tradition that has become more and more popular in the UK, one that brings a lot of excitement and sometimes lack of carefulness. Most Halloween accidents happen from falls and pedestrian-versus-car crashes. A little foresight can make this night much safer for everyone.

Motorists need to take special care to be alert on Halloween and to watch for children who may be darting out from between cars and running across streets. Children may be in places you least expect them, such as walking on roads and jumping off curbs, so you need to take care when exiting and entering driveways, roads, and alleys. Keep an eye out for children in dark clothing the entire evening.

Some other Halloween tips include:

  • All children under age 12 need to have an adult or an older, responsible youth supervising them while they go door to door
  • Give children…

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Meningitis warning to parents – know the signs and symptoms!

This is Kayleigh, one of my students who discussed today how her son nearly died of Meningitis.  She followed her instincts and got help even though he didn’t have a rash.

Kayleigh said ” Kodie had cold hands and feet and a high temperature – at no point did he have a rash.  I knew something wasn’t right so I rushed him straight to the hospital, where they did test and found out he had meningitis.  I didn’t think it would be that as there was no rash, which was all I knew about meningitis.  Parents need to be aware of all the signs as it can save lives”

Make sure you are aware of all the signs.  We run regular paediatric first aid courses which cover childhood illnesses and injuries.

Contact us now for more information


Schools given permission to keep emergency Auto-Injectors for Anaphylactic Reactions!

Good news indeed!


10 Jul 2017

New legislation was passed in Westminster this week to allow schools in the UK to keep spare adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) for emergency use. AAIs deliver a potentially life-saving dose of adrenaline in the event of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). The legislation comes into effect from 1 October 2017.
A working group, made up of representatives from the Anaphylaxis Campaign, Allergy UK, the British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology (BSACI), the British Paediatric Allergy Immunity and Infection Group (BPAIIG), and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), has campaigned over the last two years for the Government to amend the Human Medicines Act to allow schools to buy AAIs from a pharmaceutical supplier, without prescription, for use in emergencies. The working group and their respective organisations have welcomed the new legislation which allows school staff to administer an emergency AAI to any child who has been assessed as being at risk of anaphylaxis.
Their campaign gained a huge groundswell of support from parents and teachers: over 1600 parents/carers and 800 teachers completed a survey in 2015 to assess backing for the campaign: over 99% of parents and 96% of teachers supported the proposal. The survey formed a crucial part of the evidence presented to the Department of Health. A public consultation conducted by the Department of Health this year also found overwhelming support for a change in the law to allow schools to hold spare AAIs, without a prescription, for use in emergencies.

A joint statement from the five organisations says:

“The rise in food allergy among young people is posing a significant risk for schools who can be faced with a life-threatening situation requiring urgent action. One in five fatal food-allergic reactions in children happen at school. Schools can now purchase the first-line treatment for anaphylaxis, without a prescription.  While not compulsory, we hope many schools will take advantage of this change as part of their duty of care to those children who are at risk of anaphylaxis. This is likely to increase awareness and highlight the need for staff to be trained to recognise and treat anaphylaxis in school. The working group is now developing a website which will provide online resources to support school staff.
For a parent of a child at risk from anaphylaxis, this will provide valuable reassurance that their child can receive prompt emergency treatment while on school premises.
We are delighted that our campaign has delivered the result we hoped for.”

Press enquiries:
For further information, please contact the Communications team at Allergy UK.
Tel: 01322 611 655 or email: press@allergyuk.org

Notes to Editors:

  • Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction. Adrenaline is the first-line emergency treatment.
  • BSACI (British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology) is the national, professional and academic society which represents the speciality of allergy at all levels.  Its aim is to improve the management of allergies and related diseases of the immune system in the UK, through education, training and research.
  • The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK-wide charity operating solely for the growing number of people at risk from severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.
  • Allergy UK is the leading national patient charity providing a wide range of support, advice and information for those living with allergic disease.
  • RCPCH (The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) plays a major role in postgraduate medical education, professional standards, research and policy towards its mission to transform child health through knowledge, innovation and expertise.
  • BPAIIG (The British Paediatric Allergy, Immunity and Infection Group) is an affiliated specialist group of the RCPCH with members actively involved in the clinical care of children as well as in research and development of new methods of investigation and treatment of allergic, immune and infectious conditions.

With thanks to Allergy Uk – for more information click on the link

Akesis Medical Services
Bespoke First Aid Courses with a difference

01823 668604  /  07891 865018

Holidays covered?

Holiday Time

It’s coming to that time of year again when holidays are coming up, thank goodness we all cry!  But it can leave some businesses vulnerable!  Are you sure that your workplace is covered with appropriately trained staff when your First Aiders are away on holiday?

If you’re not sure and would like some advice simply drop us an email, or give us a call on 01823 668604 or 07891865018 and we’ll help you all we can.

If you do find that your business is in need of some additional First Aiders, or those you have require their certificates updating, why not take advantage of our summer offer.   Book any course for your workplace before the end of June, to be held ANYTIME BEFORE THE END OF AUGUST 2017 and get a 10% discount!  You don’t even have to pay for the course yet, a 10% deposit secures the booking and you only need to pay the balance on completion of the course!

Interested?  Call us for details of different courses and prices.

01823 668604  or  07891865018

New App for Children to learn First Aid

 A Breathtaking Picnic App

This wonderful app teaches children the simple steps to take in the case of an emergency. Federico Semeraro and the Italian Resuscitation Council have produced this app that allows children to learn as they play. This life-saving app is available for Apple and Android in several languages. Tell all your friends, spread it as widely as possible!


If you would like us to run a short session with your children to encourage them to love First Aid please contact us on

01823 668604 or 07891865018



Supporting Pupils in School with Medical Conditions

Previously referred to as Managing Medicines in School this course is designed for those who are responsible for:

  • supporting pupils at school with medical conditions
  • administering medications to children in residential or other child care environments
  • managing medicines in schools and early years settings

The course gives an overview of the Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions guidance published by DFES/DOH.  This was released in September 2014, and updated in December 2015.  It replaces the Managing Medicines in Schools and Early Years Settings guidance 2005, which described the standards for medicines management in schools and early years settings.

It also gives an overview of the legal responsibilities that governing bodies have towards children with medical conditions at school. This includes the legal responsibilities for those administering medicines to children under 16 and an awareness of how these medications are administered.

The Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions course includes:

  • Introduction
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Medicines policies
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Controlled drugs
  • Non prescription medicines
  • Individual Health care plans
  • Administering medicines
  • Supporting self-administration
  • Refusal of medicines
  • Record keeping
  • Insurance
  • Safe storage and disposal of medicines
  • Emergency medicines and procedures



Diabetes –

  1. Types 1 and 2
  2. Hypoglycaemia
  3. Hyperglycaemia
  4. Diabetic Medications
  5. Blood Testing
  6. Emergency Procedures


Asthma –

  1. What is it?
  2. Recognition of Signs & Symptoms
  3. Use of Inhalers & Spacers
  4. Emergency Procedures


Epilepsy –

  1. What is it?
  2. Medications & Treatment
  3. Emergency Procedures

The Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions course is held over 4 hours at your work premises, on a date and at a time to suit you.
Optional modules can be added to this course and include:
Anaphylaxis and Auto-Injector
Basic Life Support

In our second decade of delivering high quality First Aid and Care related courses in the South West, Akesis has built a first class reputation.

Outstanding course delivery,  commitment to excellence, support of students and first class customer service, verified by high level of repeat business from very satisfied customers.

Call us for more information or to get a quote to run a course at your premises please contact us

T: 01823 668 604
M: 07891865018
E: akesisfirstaid@gmail.com
W: www.akesisfirstaid.com

Paediatric First Aid course – March

Would you know what to do?Paediatric First Aid for Early Years Course

To be held at Butleigh School – Butleigh – Somerset

Sunday 12th and 19th March

10am – 4.30pm

Limited places available

Call us to book your place

T: 01823 668 604
M: 07891 865018
E: akesisfirstaid@gmail.com

Paediatric Blended Learning – Students Loving It!

The newly offered Blended Learning Paediatric First Aid course is being getting rave reviews by participants!

I found the online learning an excellent option when trying to achieve a work / home life balance.  It’s easy to follow and covers a wide breath of subject areas.  I really can’t think of any suggestions to improve this blended learning course’

‘ I enjoyed the blended learning and found the online part convenient, easy to use and preferable to previous first aid courses attended’

‘ The blended learning course was really helpful.  I feel very confident in doing First Aid and in my opinion it is perfect!’

‘ This was brilliant! Really enjoyed the course and it helped me to build confidence by being hands on (practical session).

Akesis Medical Services are working with an on line provider who have developed an excellent interactive elearning module to work alongside its face to face paediatric first aid course. It is an excellent alternative to the 2 day paediatric first aid course and it is suitable for anyone who works with young children. It is a comprehensive course in two parts for professional child carers including nannies, au pairs, pre-school, nursery and reception year teachers and child minders caring for children under 8.

The course content meets Ofsted and Scottish requirements for first aid training in Early Years settings.

The Blended Paediatric First Aid Course comes in 2 parts:

Part 1 involves completing the interactive e-learning module and can be done any time before you attend the face to face training. You will be sent a link to the e-learning module when you book this course.

Part 2 is a one day face to face course where you will learn and demonstrate all the practical sections of the course

Subjects covered include:

  • Role of a first aider, accident reporting and the first aid box
  • Action planning in an emergency
  • Unconscious baby or child
  • Infant, child and adult resuscitation (CPR )
  • Infant, child and adult action for choking
  • Head injuries
  • Allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock
  • Treatment for bleeding, shock and burns
  • Treatment for sprains, strains and fractures
  • Poisoning, bites and stings
  • Eye, nose and ear obstructions
  • Childhood conditions
  • Asthma and respiratory infections
  • Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anaemia,
  • Meningitis
  • Epilepsy and Convulsions Hypo/Hyperthermia


There is a short multiple choice assessment at the end of the e-learning module plus continuous assessment by your trainer throughout the face to face training day.

For more information

email: akesisfirstaid@gmail.com





First Aid Training ….. changes are coming….. watch this space!

Limited time to spend away from work?

HSE have now approved blended learning to be part of First Aid courses. 

This is exciting news for all who struggle to get time off, or to be able to free staff up, to attend vital first aid training courses.

computer screenBlended Learning coming with Akesis Medical Services

Do your theory on line

Advice to Employers on the use of Blended Learning in First Aid Training 

Blended learning is an accepted means by which workplace first aid training can be delivered.  It is important that Employers conduct the necessary additional checks (due diligence) to decide if staff should be trained in first aid using this method (a combination of electronic distance based and face to face classroom based instruction).  This means you should make sure:

  • you are satisfied that where first aid training comprises of blended learning, it is as effective as exclusively face to face learning;
  • the individual being trained knows how to use the technology that delivers the training;
  • the training provider has an adequate means of supporting the individual during their training;
  • the training provider has a robust system in place to prevent identity fraud; and,
  • sufficient time is allocated to classroom based learning and assessment of the practical elements of the syllabus.

Employers should also ensure they are complying with Regulation 13 of the Health and Safety Management Regulations 1999, which has a requirement  to ensure adequate time is set aside during the working day to undertake any first aid training employees receive.  HSE Guidance document GEIS3 will be updated to reflect this change.

training 2

 Once on line learning is completed follow up with classroom based

Hands on practical training.




On successful completion of both theory and practical sessions you will receive your certificate.

Reduced time spent away from home or work!


More information to come soon ….. watch this space!

01823 668 604 / 07891865018