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Epilepsy Awareness and Emergency Medication

epilepsy 2Our 6 hour course is designed for anyone working in the care sector and is particularly suited to those working with vulnerable adults, young people and children with Epilepsy

 The course covers training in Seizure Management and Emergency Medication including use of buccal midazolam, rectal diazepam and rectal paraldehyde.

 Prior to booking we will discuss with you any particular concerns you may have and your course will be structured to ensure your specific needs are met

  • Awareness and Seizure Management includes
  • introduction to epilepsy
  • causes& diagnosis
  • types of seizures
  • status epilepticus
  • treatments – medication & side effects
  • risk management with a view to reduce the likelihood of  Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP
  • Emergency Medication includes:
  • introduction to emergency medications
  • when it should be used & how to administer it
  • individual care plans & duty of care
  • benefits of use
  • practical demonstration & practice
  • documentation
  • storage & disposal

SUDEP Action logo

SUDEP Action is dedicated to raising awareness of epilepsy risks and tackling epilepsy deaths including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. They are the only UK charity Specialised in supporting and involving people bereaved by epilepsy.

They provide free information and resources to help people with epilepsy, their families and their clinicians to better understand, tackle and manage the risks associated with the condition. Almost entirely funded by bereaved families, these resources, some of which have award recognition, are made available in the hope that future lives can be saved.

For more information, visit www.sudep.org or contact 01235 772850. For bereavement support, contact 01235 772852.

We would like to thank SUDEP for their support in allowing us to use their logo in promotion of raising awareness in Epilepsy

Akesis Medical Services

For more information on Epilepsy Awareness Courses please contact us on

01823 668604 / 07891865018

or email us at info@akesisfirstaid.com