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Stayin’ Alive or Nellie the Elephant?

Stayin’ Alive or Nellie the Elephant?

What are your views on using either of these songs to get the correct rate for chest compressions in CPR?

Personally I prefer to use a metronome for teaching students, songs can be sung at different speeds, using a metronome set on 120 per minute helps students get the correct speed in their head and concentrate on counting the amount of compressions given, rather than thinking about the words of the song!

The campaign by the British Heart Foundation uses Vinnie Jones to promote ‘hands only’ CPR for people who are untrained or where airway ventilations are impractical, which of course is better than nothing, but my concern is that the general public will think this is all they need to know, preventing them taking professional training.

Some of my paediatric students have asked if there have been changes to First Aid protocols for Childcare professionals, the firm answer is DEFINATELY NOT!   If you have been properly trained you should continue to combine rescue breathing and chest compressions.

If for any reason you forget what to do or just feel you are unable to give mouth to mouth, giving chest compressions will help your casualty until professional help arrives.

What is the worst thing you can do if someone is not breathing?


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