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First Aid Tip – April




Sprains and Strains are soft tissue injuries to our ligaments or muscles caused by sudden movements and overstretching leading to the tearing of the soft tissues.

 It is often difficult to differentiate between a soft tissue injury and a broken bone, if you are unsure, treat as a break / fracture. 

The treatment for a Sprain or Strain is the same, remember RICE from your course?

 REST-  Rest the injured limb

ICE – Apply an ice pack to the injury as soon as possible

COMPRESS – Apply a firm bandage to the injury (but not constrictively tight)

ELEVATE – Elevate the injury to help reduce swelling

 Important: Make sure the ice is wrapped in something like a tea towel or triangular bandage to prevent damage to the skin.  Only apply the ice pack for 10 minute intervals, always allowing the skin temperature to return to normal before reapplying the ice pack.

 If in doubt as to the injury treat as a fracture and go to hospital for an x-ray.

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